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"Always Be With You" out now!

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

LA’s Saint James Band debuts an achingly sweet folk-pop track—coupled with spiritual euphoria.

Along with strong rock and roots influences, Saint James inject hard-driven slide guitar blues into their heartwarming tunes—landing them somewhere on the musical map between Neil Young and Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeroes. Coincidentally the bands spearhead, George Castrinos, is the father of Jade Castrinos who co-authored and sang on the Edward Sharpe duet “Home.”

We have the pleasure of premiering the band’s lead single “Always Be With You” which is brimming with lovely melodies and colorful optimism. Castrinos displays a hard-won wisdom that can only be gleaned from the spiritual strength he has acquired in the aftermath of a turbulent life, having overcome adversity and drug addiction. The final chorus is sung acapella by a children’s choir, providing a lasting effect that will surely make the listener feel good about their life—which is exactly what Castrinos says he wants to do with his music.

“Always Be With You” is from its namesake debut LP which will be available March 24.

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